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How we work

Sheep in the College Valley Sheep in the College Valley Photo: © Shutterstock

We’re an environmental charity, with over 200 local groups nationwide,

a branch in every county and 55,000 members, and supporters – including more than 2,000 affiliated parish councils.

Our local knowledge and national profile means CPRE is effective in tackling both the specific issues that really matter to our members and the public, as well as the wider challenges the countryside faces.

Meanwhile, in Northumberland we aim to promote our landscapes and protect our green spaces by:

  • giving help and advice to residents worried about developments which may threaten the countryside
  • supporting green spaces in our towns and the green belts around them
  • working constructively with local authorities to help build a future where all green spaces are cherished and protected
  • speaking to local groups and encouraging people to get involved.

CPRE is the only national organisation working exclusively to protect the countryside, and we welcome the support of all who care about it.

Our members are united in their love for our coastal and rural landscapes and the communities they support. We stand up for the countryside so it can continue to sustain, enchant and inspire future generations.

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