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Our Landscape

Lordenshaws looking west Lordenshaws looking west


A poem written by the children of Greenhaugh First School.

Ghostly clouds hanging over green grassy hills.

The sycamore tree surrounded by hill giants.

Hills to go up. Hills to go down.

Dry stone walls as old as time

Cup and ring marks, following in the footsteps of people before us.

                    Sycamore Gap

Wind whistles in the air.

The sun hugs me into its warmth as I walk across the ancient landscape.

Whooshing river in the quiet valley.

Bees buzz!

Cows moo!

The chugga, chugga, chugga of a distant tractor.

                    Hedge and lambs Northumberland

Sheep love to leap through the lovely yellow flowers blanketing the fields.

Lime, red, yellow and brown; a flash of magenta.

The harvest moonlight embraces me warmly,

Glittery, shooting stars as bright as burning fire, glistening in people's eyes.

                    Dark sky with Orion nebula


                            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


This delightful group poem gathers together the responses of a number of children at Greenhaugh First School to a piece of landscape study based on field visits and classwork under the direction of their teacher Justine Wise. Here are her notes on how the poem came about...


'It began as a request from the Northumberland National Park Authority to involve their partnership schools - of which Greenhaugh First School is one - in the exhibition evolution at their new Discovery Centre, The Sill, and suggested we focus on a description of the landscape. Already being very big fans of the National Park and having been on inspiring geographical and historical trips to Lordenshaws Iron Age hill fort and Walltown quarry, it was easy to ask the children to write their favourite memories from seeing the beautiful landscapes and walking in the footsteps of their ancestors, in order to create a poem.

Some wrote one line, some wrote reams, which we all arranged and rearranged in a very simple order based on grouping references such as sound, colour or rhythm together, and - hey presto - this incredible poem emerged, literally out of the mouths of babes!

Working with inspired children, with inspired thoughts and feelings captured in a celebratory poem recorded by some inspired orators, preserved for current and future generations to share the same passion, has been an honour and a privilege.

Our school is also proud to be part of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and our dark sky days and dark sky picnics have also helped to foster an even greater appreciation of this incredible place that is Northumberland.

We are very grateful to the Northumberland National Park Authority for offering us this opportunity, and hope you will call in at The Sill Landscape Discovery Centre where our poem is available in a live audio version in the exhibition.


                    The Sill








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