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CPRE Northumberland

Homes and countryside for all

Modern housing in Ashington Modern housing in Ashington Colin Adsley

CPRE Northumberland believes that a healthy, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live.

Our approach to housing policy embodies this belief. Good planning should provide everyone with a decent home they can afford, and meeting the particular needs of rural communities is important if they are to thrive.

In the context of a growing and aging population in Northumberland we accept that it is important to meet the demand for new housing. We believe it can be done while avoiding the kind of sporadic and unsustainable development throughout the county that leads to urban sprawl and villages losing social cohesion as their young people leave and the balance of village life changes.

However, throughout the county, residents are finding that planning applications are being made that threaten rather than enhance the quality of community life in our towns and villages. It is vital that the house-building provision in the Northumberland Local Plan should be based on sound principles of open, democratic planning, so that the changes it will bring to our county over the next 16 years are beneficial to the lives of all Northumbrians.

 The key points of our policy

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