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A winter's night

Freezing moon Freezing moon © Shutterstock

It takes a dedicated lover of the countryside to respond to the cold beauty of an icy moon over a frost-bitten field. Bleached of life and colour the land struggles to provide sustenance to the flock of sheep scraping a meagre ration from its freeze-dried grasses.

But scenes like this Northumberland example have always had their admirers, as shown by these words from a poem written over 1600 years ago on the other side of the world.

    Dew frozen, drifting mists gone, isn't this the unspoilt heart of beauty,

    this frost-deepened austerity?  Taken by silence, I can linger

    this exquisite moon out to the end.

                          (Tao Chien - Chinese poet of the 4th century)                

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