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Sycamore gap

Hadrian's Wall, Sycamore Gap Hadrian's Wall, Sycamore Gap © Shutterstock

Sycamore Gap, about two miles west of Housesteads Fort on the Roman Wall, was brought to public attention by its use as a location in the Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood. The singular outline of a lone sycamore framed by the 'shoulders' of a sharp declivity in the Whin Sill is now instantly recognisable.

The Wall itself has many equally dramatic features, as increasing numbers of walkers have discovered since the Hadrian's Wall Long Distance Path was opened in 2003. The best-known of these features (between Chollerford and Greenhead) lie in Northumberland, where they are protected by the National Park and, in some places (including Sycamore Gap), the National Trust.

In 1987, it was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its significance both as a unique landscape feature and as the largest existing piece of Roman architecture in the world.                                


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