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Holy Island

Lindisfarne Lindisfarne © Shutterstock

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island is an iconic subject for the photographer, and while they may not all achieve the studied brilliance of this professional example, few are disappointed by their efforts. The island has many attractions and a history that stirs the imagination.

Visitors who have been fascinated by its magnetic appeal include the film director Roman Polanski, who set two of his films here, and the one-time Poet Laureate and past President of CPRE, Sir Andrew Motion, who distilled his memories of the island in a poem which includes these lines...             

             Boulder clay on the outcrops, and beaches

                   dotted and dashed with coal dust.  Guillemots

                        whitening the cliff face. Small orchids definitely

                             still evolving in a downpour of Arctic sunlight...


                                                                   ...Weather polishes

                             the silver fields ahead; the ravens swoop down

                         and settle among the gorgeous pages of the gospels.    


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