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Couple walking in Northumberland Couple walking in Northumberland © Shutterstock

                         Heather scents swell, adrift on the breeze,

                                  the flowerlets a confusion of lit dew;

                         so much solitude at this far end of quiet,

                                  at the heart of a mystery barely understood -

                         just some unspoken words haunting a far-off mind, 

                                  asking why it took so long to find this place...

Po Chu-I was a Chinese poet of the 8th century, yet 1200 years later, on the other side of the world, his words will still strike a chord of recognition in anyone who has come upon a landscape which seems to have been made for them, they feel so at home in it. Northumberland has countless examples, like this of the Cheviot hills seen from one of the many classic viewpoints along the heather-covered ridge that runs in a northward curve from Simonside near Rothbury to Ros Castle above Chillingham.

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