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News round-up - June - by Graeme Anderson

It has been another busy few months for CPRE Northumberland...

...with a multitude of issues to respond to. The stand-out event at the moment is probably the public inquiry into the proposed open-cast coal mine near Druridge Bay. This controversial application has received plenty of coverage in the North-east press and is dealt with in more detail elsewhere in this website - but it is only one of several major developments being monitored by the Northumberland branch.

Plans for the proposed Dissington Garden village just north of Ponteland  have been referred to the Secretary of State for consideration and the spotlight has also fallen on the future of County Hall in Morpeth. The good news in that direction is that the three contentious planning applications for the site - a sizeable housing estate, an out-of-town-centre retail park and a school - have all now been withdrawn.

Developments on the bigger issues gain most of the headlines, but there is a constant stream of other planning proposals that CPRE Northumberland is monitoring and responding to, always with the aim in mind of conserving and protecting our countryside, especially land in the Green Belt, which has recently come under severe pressure - as in these examples.

The Havannah Nature Reserve, five miles north of Newcastle, is potentially threatened by a huge development planned for Cells A and D of Newcastle Great Park. Similarly, 600 houses have been proposed for the Green Belt west of Hexham, and we have recently sent a letter of objection to an application for 178 more properties east of Willow Way, Ponteland. This piece of the Green Belt has done a fine job for many years acting as a 'buffer' between Callerton Lane and Darras Hall to preserve the open, green aspect of this route south out of Ponteland

In short, we have our hands full!

And we can only thank our supporters for encouraging us in our efforts on your behalf - and on behalf of your children and your children's children. A beautiful English countryside is their birthright and our most precious legacy to them.

Thank you again for your support for CPRE. We hope you will continue to see us as a worthwhile cause and spread the word to others who we hope will see the value of strengthening our hands either by joining us or making a donation.

* If you would like further information on any of the above issues or would like to contact us about joining or donating, please contact our Treasurer, Les Ashworth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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