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Charity event gets CPRE support

Meeting and greeting the Bryson Line walkers Meeting and greeting the Bryson Line walkers Les Ashworth

 Bryson Line walkers welcomed to Northumberland - by Graeme Anderson

Anglo-American fund-raisers took time to enjoy the beauties of Northumberland during their marathon 569-mile walk from one end of the country to the other.

Devised by author and former CPRE President Bill Bryson, the walk is based on the furthest one can walk on the UK mainland in a straight line, and runs from Cape Wrath in Scotland to Bognor Regis on the south coast of England.

A welcome party of volunteers from CPRE Northumberland (and family) greeted the small team of walkers from Tanager Wealth Management, a US firm with staff in the UK, as they passed through the county, and walked some of the way with them along the Whin Sill beside the Roman Wall.

Walkers Roger Saller, Alex Eichhorn and Kate Hedges are hoping to raise £100,000 for charity by completing the Bryson line walk, quite a feat for desk-based workers, at 19 miles a day for 30 days.

Walk organiser and founding Tanager partner, Jeff Hedges, said, 'The walk is long and challenging, but along the way there have been some real highlights, like the views along the Roman Wall in this World Heritage site.'

'It's been a real boost for us to have Colin Adsley and Les Ashworth from CPRE Northumberland come along to support us, and give us some background on the historic sights and stunning landscapes we are encountering here. This is a wonderfully picturesque place and we've been blown away by the beauty of Northumberland.'

A picnic lunch rounded off the event, leaving everyone in good spirits.


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