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Search for fresh talent. Why not you?

Search for fresh talent. Why not you? © Shutterstock

CPRE Northumberland is looking for support.

Our campaigning group which has helped safeguard Northumberland’s beautiful countryside for almost a century is in urgent need of more activists if it is to carry on successfully in the future.

Colin Adsley, Acting Chair of CPRE Northumberland, says that despite having a membership of almost three hundred across the county, the Branch needs to recruit committee members to take the organisation forward.

‘We have good support in broad terms, but we desperately need more people with energy and knowhow to join our committee. Over the past couple of years we have lost key active people, so that at the moment the workload of the committee is falling on the shoulders of a small though dedicated group, and it is feared the Branch faces an uncertain future if help is not found to share that workload.’

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‘We get involved with a wide range of activities and there are jobs to suit people with various interests and talents. There is always a need for expertise in planning, for instance, and we are particularly interested in attracting professionals, retired or otherwise, who may have some experience in this field.’

‘Over the years, our expertise, our knowledge of the county and our campaigning efforts have made a huge difference in protecting our precious countryside – a countryside now under more threat than ever. CPRE Northumberland has a proud history of battling to defend the county’s green spaces against needless or harmful development, but our group will struggle to continue its work unless fresh blood can be found through new volunteers with leadership potential.’

‘Our core work in planning,’ Colin explained,’ involves looking closely at national and county plans, like the Northumberland Local Plan which is just reaching its pre-submission stage. We also take an active interest in Neighbourhood Planning. We regularly check out planning applications in open countryside on the edges of settlements, and object to any we feel present a threat to the environment, the Green Belt or the landscape character of our towns and villages.’

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‘But we are not looking merely to get by with a minimal service to the countryside lovers who support us,’ Colin added. ‘We pitch in with litter-picking groups who selflessly give up their time to tidy up places for their communities. We have plans to expand the range of work in ways that could attract members with a diverse range of interests. We promote an active appreciation of our wonderful county, its heritage treasures and its essential beauty and tranquillity. Photographing and writing about these things would give us material to present in our website and Facebook pages.’

We are also looking to develop active projects in walking and exploring our county’s half-hidden historic gems. And we want to forge firm links with all the other groups who care about our coast and countryside - and the communities they support.

If any of this matters to you and you feel you would like to help safeguard all that is best about Northumberland by making a contribution to our work, please contact our Secretary, Annie Lloyd, today.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

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