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CPRE Northumberland

A visit from Crispin Truman

Crispin Truman with members of the NE Regional group Crispin Truman with members of the NE Regional group © Gilbert Johnston

On 8 January, CPRE's CEO, Crispin Truman, OBE,...

...met with members of the NE Regional group in Newcastle. It proved to be a stimulating and rewarding experience for all concerned.

Crispin began with a talk linking the achievements of the past - National Parks, AONBs, Green Belts - with the plans being laid for a renewed sense of purpose in CPRE and a focus on themes which we hope the wider public can respond to with wholehearted support. 

Connecting people with the countryside

    Promoting sustainable rural life

        Empowering communities

            Growing our network and membership

These are key aims which form a seven-year forward plan we are all encouraged to throw our energies into as CPRE moves towards its centenary in 2026. Fluently and clearly, the ideas were outlined and elaborated for us before a round table discussion ensued.

                CPRE GJmr 8269

                  Crispin Truman and the three Chairs                                       © Gilbert Johnston

In response, Graeme Anderson, our Regional Press Officer, gave Crispin an honest picture of our situation in the North East, of small dedicated teams holding the line against the many threats to our countryside. He went on to outline our ideas for future projects based on the four themes, and made a case for more support from the centre to parts of the network like ours where volunteers are limited and resources stretched.

Crispin was able to reassure us that more help for regions and county branches was very much part of his thinking, and that already an officer had been moved from London to a base in Leeds. Further discussion focusing on issues and concerns helped to clarify common ground between the two North East network groups and the current purposes at a national level.


In the main image, from top left, Ken Gibson (NE Regional Treasurer), Graeme Anderson (NE Regional Press Officer), 'Pitch' Wilson, (Chair of Durham CPRE), Gillan Gibson (NE Regional Vice Chair and Administrator), Annie Lloyd (Secretary, CPRE Northumberland), Les Asworth (Treasurer, CPRE Northumberland), Richard Cowen (Chair, NE Region), Crispin Truman, OBE, (CEO of CPRE), Colin Adsley (Acting Chair, CPRE Northumberland).


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