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CPRE Northumberland

CPRE's Green Clean 2019 is launched at Newbiggin

CPRE's Green Clean 2019 is launched at Newbiggin

NEWBIGGIN-by-the-Sea had the honour...

...of hosting the first in a string of litter-picking events nationwide, as CPRE Northumberland once again put itself at the forefront of our charity's September Green Clean campaign.

The first Green Clean initiative took place last year as a way of highlighting the need for a deposit return system on recyclables, but so successful was the publicity drive that it has now become an annual event with growing momentum.

CPRE Northumberland got involved last year by staging a successful Green Clean in Throckley on the outskirts of Newcastle, followed by another in October at Newbiggin. This year's Green Clean litter-picks began at Newbiggin on Sunday, September 1st (with a second event at Throckley on the 22nd).

                Newbiggin GC19 2

Colin Adsley, chair of CPRE Northumberland, said: "We were delighted to give our backing to Green Clean once again and are very proud to be staging litter picks like this which not only draw attention to the issue of discarded recyclables but also help to raise CPRE's profile in the community. Litter picks only take a couple of hours but the real benefit lies in bringing people together, local residents with pride in the places where they live and CPRE members (from as far as Birmingham and Teesside in this case), united by community spirit."

A total of 21 bags of rubbish and recyclables was collected by volunteers. Elaine Brown, the deputy town clerk of Newbiggin Council, who helped organise the event, summed the day up: ""We managed to get the litter pick done without being caught in any of the downpours of the day and were even treated to a rainbow when the bottles and bags were being counted! It was wonderful to see so much litter cleared from our green spaces and we were thrilled to hear we were the first Green Clean litter pick in the country held by CPRE this year."

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