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Link House Beadnell

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 18:17

Link House (an architect's impression) Link House (an architect's impression) Copyright Source

The saga of Link House, the cottage in the dunes at Beadnell which has been the subject of a protracted planning application, has received a jarring twist in the story.

Its position in relation to the unspoilt beach and links north of Beadnell, part of Northumberland's Heritage Coast and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (protected by Act of Parliament) makes it a sensitive location for a building of any sort. The current cottage (built in 1903) nestles down amongst its dunes as unobtrusively as any building could.

The plans submitted by the owners to Northumberland County Council, however, make no such concessions. The new building is designed to stand above the links seeking wide views of the sea and making its presence felt very noticeably. It is for this reason that local people in Beadnell objected to the scheme and were in turn supported by their Parish Council, CPRE and Northumberland County Council.

But the planning system, through its appeals process and the opportunities it provides for re-applications, can eventually succumb to a determined applicant and that is just what has happened in the case of Link House. A Planning Inspector has been called to give a judgement and he has found in favour of the applicant.

CPRE supports the view that our finest landscapes should remain undeveloped and open to all. The Inspector's decision in this instance has come down in favour of private interests. It is a sad day for all of us who care deeply about the protection of our coast and countryside.


Map of Beadnell. Link House can be seen to the seaward side of the road running north to Seahouses. 



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