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Enjoying our county

Walking in the Cheviot Hills Walking in the Cheviot Hills © Don Brownlow Photography

This is a part of the website where we take an appreciative look at the ways people show their love and enjoyment of the Northumberland countryside.

Our lead image is of a couple out walking along a heather track, heading east with the North Sea on the horizon.  It is for many of us the archetypal way of enjoying the deeply satisfying experience of the countryside at its best, unspoilt, achingly beautiful and utterly tranquil.

For some, however, especially those who have energy to burn and like to test themselves, it is all too tranquil.  These folk see the countryside as a place for activity and challenge, with the open air and natural landscapes thrown in as an extra.

Meanwhile there are others of a more sedate cast who can enjoy the great outdoors without stepping outside their own front ones.  For them a book or magazine, a television programme or the internet will suffice.

If wild creatures are your passion, and you are one of those patient folk who like to spend long hours cooped up in a hide with a pair of field glasses and a 'Spotters' Guide', then Northumberland is just the place for you.  

Enjoying our county celebrates the diverse ways we all like to encounter our natural heritage, and the common factor that binds us - our love of the countryside and our desire to see its essential value in our lives protected and maintained for our children (and grandchildren) to enjoy in the years to come. 

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