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Further tales from Northumberland with Robson Green ( ITV)

A still from the show A still from the show © Shiver productions

Congratulations again to Robson Green and the production team for yet another fascinating series about our county.

Each episode has the happy knack, while entertaining us, of feeding the viewer's interest in all things Northumbrian. Our wild landscapes, historic buildings and rural/coastal communities are presented with respect and affection for their enduring value. While wild creatures in their natural habitats were a particular feature of series two - from dolphins in the North Sea to the Chillingham white cattle and wild goats in the Cheviots - this series sets its sights on our renowned far horizons by following various routes and pathways around the county. Most are over land but there are excursions too into the air and on sea.

Following some spectacular bird's-eye views of Northumberland, the series takes us over the Cheviot section of the Pennine Way, then, after a sea-excursion, heads off into the borderlands. Next we are led along St Oswald's Way then explore the route of the Tyne and the line of the whin sill, before completing the series by following the stunning coastline from Howick to Bamburgh. All this, of course, is enhanced by the relaxed and good-humoured company of Robson Green and a succession of interesting characters he comes upon in his travels.

This series reminds us of the precious legacy of stunning landscapes we have in Northumberland, but also, like the two previous series, leaves us with a powerful sense of the fulfilment that comes from a life led close to the land (or the water), and the sheer life-enhancing fun that can be had by sharing in its rigours and surprises.  


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