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The Northumbrian

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Congratulations to The Northumbrian magazine, under its editor Stewart Bonney, on reaching the milestone of 150 issues.

For lovers of Northumberland, the magazine offers a varied selection of articles, beautifully illustrated and never less than fascinating, about the county's landscapes and localities, historic features, arts and crafts, wild life, characters and communities. Regular contributors, apart from the editor himself, include Susan Burke (places), John Grundy (buildings), Ian Kerr (birds), Jane Lovett (country cooking), Alan Potts (outdoor photography), Mike Pratt (wildlife), John Prescott ( a vet's life), Anthony Toole (local history), and Suzie White (gardening), while a host of others broaden the range of topics touched on.

All are expert in their fields and entertaining in approach and style, so the overall effect of reading an issue is of spending a few pleasant hours in civilised company while having one's interest in the county stimulated and informed. Over time, the regular reader comes to appreciate the cumulative effect of having one's inner-picture of Northumberland enriched by layers of associated points of interest. Places take on new significance from what we have learnt about them; buildings and landscapes become invested with 'presences' from the past and we find ourselves wanting to visit new corners of the county for ourselves - or revisit favourite spots where an article has revealed some facet that casts a new light on it.

Put simply, reading The Northumbrian can help us all appreciate and understand our county more fully, and care about it even more passionately. It reminds us what a precious legacy we have here, and makes our fight to defend its coast and countryside from despoliation by ill-judged development all the more urgent.

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