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Castles of the North Tyne Valley

A National Park and CPRE shared walk...

...commemorating 70 years of National Parks.

On Monday 5 August, a group of ten met at Simonburn Car Park, and set out on a walk full of variety in its range of natural scenery and historic interest. We were led by Jeff Wild, a volunteer with both CPRE and the National Park, who exuded good humour laced with snippets of history throughout the day.

The walk took us through the lush farmland south of Simonburn, ascending gradually towards the Whin Sill and Hadrian's Wall, with good views along the vallum - and even better ones north across the North Tyne Valley to the Wannies and Redesdale, with Chipchase Castle catching the eye in its sylvan setting. After inspecting milecastles 29 and 30, we ate a picnic lunch, then headed towards Humshaugh, passing Walwick Hall en route.

After Humshaugh, field paths and leafy lanes immersed us in more pastoral tranquillity, puncuated by a close look at Haughton Castle and at the gravel works at Haughton Strother. Before returning to Simonburn, we were given tantalising glimpses of Nunwick Mill and Hall.

The walk could be described as ‘strenuous’ as it is about ten miles long, with some stiles – but there are no rocky steps or climbs. This southern area of the National Park offers a different walking experience from the Cheviot uplands further north - but is every bit as beautiful in its own distinctive way.

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