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A community right to beauty

While it a commonplace that beauty 'is in the eye of the beholder', people do in fact generally agree about what they find beautiful, and what ugly, in the places where they live. More or less everyone agrees that places are more beautiful when they are clean, tidy, in good repair and part of a well-ordered layout. The opposite is true of places that are littered or vandalised and subject to antisocial behaviour.


How to respond to planning applications

Builders and developers must apply to their local Planning department for permission to carry out any work, and the application must be accompanied by appropriate documentation. We all have the right to examine these plans and comment on them.


How to shape where you live

Neighbourhood Plans provide local communities with the chance to have more say in the way things change and progress over time in the places where they live and work. We have put together eight simple steps you can take to come up with ideas and involve others in planning a brighter future for your area (PDF at bottom of page).


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