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Our vision

Or vision is for a beautiful and thriving coast and countryside that enriches all our lives, and lifts our spirits with its landscapes, history and enduring tranquillity.

Northumberland is a county we love and wish to see protected from the harms of ill-considered development. We want to see its beauty enjoyed by everyone, with farming and tourism prospering in harmony with the environment.

Our national park and two areas of outstanding natural beauty give us a wealth of scenery to appreciate. But we care just as much for the fields, woodland and hedgerows that surround all our towns and villages and we want to see their communities empowered to protect the places that mean so much to them in their daily lives.

CPRE fights for a better future for England’s countryside.

We believe a beautiful, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.

The countryside is unique, essential, precious and finite – and it’s in danger. Every year, a little more is lost forever to urban sprawl, new roads, housing and other developments. Rural shops and services are closing, and increasingly intensive farming is changing the character of the countryside. While climate change is having serious impacts on the rural environment, insensitive and indiscriminate housing development threatens the distinctive charm of the villages and towns nestling in it.

Protecting and shaping our countryside

CPRE Northumberland works locally to support the countryside: to protect it from the threats it faces, and to shape its future for the better. The quality of the Northumberland landscape is highly valued by those who live here and brings economic benefits by attracting tourists to the area.

Standing up for your countryside and communities

CPRE has been standing up for the countryside for over 80 years. In that time, its successes have helped win protection as a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Heritage Coast for some of Northumberland’s best-loved landscapes, from the Cheviot Hills and North Pennines to our magnificent bays and beaches. We’ve worked nationally to influence planning laws and locally to prompt decisions that have, against the odds, preserved the special beauty of the Northumbrian countryside and the character of its villages.

Our ambition

Our ambition is a beautiful and thriving countryside that’s valued by everyone living in, or visiting, our much-loved county. We want to see a wider range of people  enjoying our countryside, and a thriving and sustainable rural economy, where farming, planned housing and tourism work together in harmony with 21st century environmental concerns.

If you agree with these aims, please join us as a member or volunteer for CPRE Northumberland.