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At various times of the year, depending on the season, we organise a series of events that members are invited to join in with us.

The one featured above took place alongside Hadrian’s wall some years ago when we joined a group of walkers following a route from Cape Wrath to Brighton (called the Bryson Line), and raising funds for CPRE as they went.

Bill Bryson, the writer, was President of CPRE for some years, and in one of his books devised the route linking some of Britain’s finest scenery from north to south in roughly a straight line. The section through Northumberland follows the Pennine Way through spectacular landscapes.

We also join like to join local volunteers in places like Throckley and Newbiggin cleaning up green spaces where litter has accumulated. This is part of the national CPRE initiative, the ‘September Green Clean’ and is much appreciated by local communities.

You may read about other events below…