Wilmer, the Carcamo family and the countryside of Northumberland

By Colin Adsley
14th October 2021

Trees, water, small stones and a child exploring new sensations in the natural world…

You will have seen on our Homepage the idyllic image of the Carcamo family, Maddox, his mum, Ellie, and dad, Wilmer, against a backdrop of summer flowers. Despite his handicap, Max finds contact with the Northumbrian countryside full of interest, while mum and dad enjoy the peace and harmony as time-out from their busy lives.

Recently, working with national CPRE, Wilmer, who hails from Honduras, created a short film about their lives together and the pleasure they get from exploring the countryside of Northumberland.

We would love to enthuse about the ideas and delightful images this little gem of a film offers, but will let Wilmer speak for himself…